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Just posting three pictures of Amber Benson I recently use to make the She's So 63!young!Albus argument, pretty:

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I really miss Tara. I'm still seeing red to this day that they killed off Tara so that we could see Willow go hair actually turns black kinda dark.....dude, subtly where? Willow was already dark BEFORE Tara was killed - that was why they broke up remember? Some people make the bad things happened with Angel and Buffy argument, well, I wish we had gotten that, that Tara didn't die but that they get Starcrossed instead because Willow crossed a major line with the mindwipe of the fight. From Tara's perspective, it's terrifying - how will she know if Willow did it more than once, if she'll do it again, because if she did, Tara wouldn't remember, is the free will option of leaving again present when Willow have such terrifying powers?

...and if Amber Benson couldn't have come back for the "life changing wish" idea that Joss had, why not in the comic?

I miss seeing Willow and Tara on screen because they were geek girls in love. I don't think that has ever been on screen before. f/f subtext or text tends to be more vampy, aimed solely at the guys. Willow and Tara bonded over shared knowledge.

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snowpuppies, valyssia, skargasm and theladymerlin are proud to present the NEW kinda_gay! As Spike and Xander so helpfully pointed out, Boys can be "kinda gay" too, so kinda_gay is opening its doors to ALL LGBT-themed fiction, art and discussion. We're hoping that re-vamping the community will make it a mecca to all things (fem)slashy, and have several prompty-type things to get your muses flowing: Our Fortnightly Prompt Challenge, 2012 Prompt Table, and The Current Plot Bunny.

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