ticklogic (ticklogic) wrote in willowtara,

Fic: Grave Consequences (0)

Title: "Grave Consequences" - Prologue
Author: ticklogic 
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: None in this first part
Summary: Begins during the events of the season 6 finale "Grave", before taking a bizarre turn. Dark Willow hits a roadblock in her path of destruction, when a well-meaning Giles sends her consciousness on a mystical spirit journey. But an old friend has torturous plans of her own for the vengeful witch.

Author’s Note: This prologue puts the narrative wheels in motion, setting the stage for a decidedly kinky and out-there fic. It's not for everyone, but fans with a fetish for tickle torture (it exists, I assure you) will perhaps get a kick out of it.

Posted here on my journal, and on DeviantArt.

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