Valyssia (valyssia) wrote in willowtara,

Check out the NEW Kinda Gay!

snowpuppies, valyssia, skargasm and theladymerlin are proud to present the NEW kinda_gay! As Spike and Xander so helpfully pointed out, Boys can be "kinda gay" too, so kinda_gay is opening its doors to ALL LGBT-themed fiction, art and discussion. We're hoping that re-vamping the community will make it a mecca to all things (fem)slashy, and have several prompty-type things to get your muses flowing: Our Fortnightly Prompt Challenge, 2012 Prompt Table, and The Current Plot Bunny.

Please feel free to come check us out (and pimp us all over)! You can find the new rules in the profile, and our mirror/sister DW community can be found here: [community profile] kinda_gay

Come join us, and we can all be "kinda gay" together! \o/
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